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Arctic Monkeys – You And I (feat Richard Hawley) [Song Review]

February 8, 2012

Great to see two great Sheffield names teaming up to make a new record!

Its been common knowledge now for a period of time that Alex Turner (Lead Singer of the Arctic Monkeys) and Richard Hawley have been looking for a chance to promote a new record from there previous collaborations on tracks such as “Only Ones Who Knows” but to hear them actually create a song is far different.

Firstly i should say that the Arctic Monkeys while collaborating have changed there name to form a some what group known as ‘Richard Hawley & The Death Ramps’ and in this song we can see how they take a much more of a backward approach to there normal some what egotistical selves and leave lead vocals to the far capable Hawley, does this mean we can expect more from the Death Ramps?

now to the song, we notice how gritty the song sounds and how it could be allegedly imagined as being either a bond theme or some kind of theme that would feature in a high speed car chase… Then enters the vocals of Richard Hawley, we can tell from the style of the song and video he is trying to take on a darker form of leading through a strange vocal range, his vocals are deep and penetrating throughout sort of reminds you of a  big gangster villain.  Although Hawley does this song a greater justice it still leaves me hanging on what it would have sounded like if it was straightly performed by the Arctic Monkeys them self.

The great thing about this track is that the Monks still manage to keep the style of music there own even while there is another contributing artist.

Finally. THE GUITAR SOLO: Alex turner rips out a beauty making his guitar scream with his fully kicked up distortion pedal it really adds a big kick to a some what plain like track.

Verdict 8/10 a great song but seems to wonder at times due to its depressing proposal of lyircs


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