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Jack White – Love Interruption [Song Review]

February 9, 2012

So after recently splitting up with own sibling band made Jack White has finally gone solo but is his new song Love Interruption much to look up to?

First thing that hits me about this song is how mild and chilled it is which far differs from the normal hard riffing whammy pedaling Jack we’ve grown to love. It comes across to me that this song is sort of showing Jacks deprived roots from blues in which he really couldn’t get stuck in with due to his sisters amateur drumming (Meg White)

The song sounds very countryish if thats a word, reminding me of songs like ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ by Nancy Sinatra. Its a very slow beautiful song featuring just Jack on his guitar with some minor added synth effects to help the back an atmosphere into the song. To top it off  it features a throughout harmony with a female singer which is a very nice combination to hear.

Finally we see how Jack has got back to writing powerful lyrics again not just some igaldy pigadly ones like many of the White Stripes lyrics were!

now all we have to do is sit back and wait for the album but i believe until then Love Interrupts is putting  across a great message of how great this album could be.

Rating:9/10 a very beautiful slow song mainly for those who are into a more relaxed style of music.


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  1. Steve Rodgers permalink

    Too right about the ‘igildy pigidly’ white stripes lyrics ‘I got a back yard with nothing in it except a stick, a dog and a box with something in it.’ but a lot of WS songs are traditional blues similar to this.

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