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Motörhead – Ace of Spades [Album Review]

March 28, 2012

Ace of Spades / Love Me Like a Reptile / Shoot You in the Back / Live to Win / Fast and Loose / (We Are) The Road Crew / Fire Fire / Jailbait / Dance / Bite the Bullet / The Chase Is Better Than the Catch / The Hammer

I’m gonna keep this short and snappy because that’s what the album deserves. As It’s Bad-ass, tough, dirty, mean, rude, lean, aggressive, dangerous, greasy, sharp, energetic, fiery, scorching, blistering, sizzling, blazing, searing, burning, strong, foul-mouthed, crude, callous, foul, elemental, archaic, unremitting, vulgar, cold-blooded, uncouth, coarse, bad-mannered, pre-historic, grimy, iniquitous, roaring, nasty, frantic, malevolent, tough, unadulterated, harsh, dedicated, hard-hitting, sturdy, classic, confrontational, soiled, obnoxious, powerful, thumping, trouncing, fast, ruthless, brawny, death-defying, relentless, merciless, anachronistic, hard-rocking, unadorned, single-minded, nasty, dishonest, misogynistic, bluesy, wicked, punk-ish, shameless, fucked-up, brash, depraved, demented, immoral, hammering, notorious, pounding, thrashing, striking, criminal, insane, hilarious, riotous, stubborn, manic, rudimentary, filthy, boasting, unabashed, deafening, deaf too, silly, belligerent, destructive, simple, mentally-challenged, up yours, stubborn, feisty, glorious, bloodless, brandishing, heavy, potent, possessed, grimy, macho, straightforward, careless, brainless, strapping, burly, robust, loud, cantankerous, fetid, vicious, violent, uncontrolled, defiant, powerful, seminal, degenerate, bad-tempered and also fookin’ great.

 Probably the essential Motörhead studio album, and with reason, as it not only contains several of their (and, by consequence, rock) classics, such as the everlasting testosterone shot of the title track (“That’s the way I like it baby, I don’t wanna live forever!”), the hard-hitting “Shoot You in the Back” and the supremely and strangely poetic “The Hammer,” but basically succeeds in one giving you one hell of a 12-song ass-whupping. Granted, it’s repetitive, rather tuneless and devoid of any finesse, but hey, if you’re looking for those things, you better get your kicks somewhere else. This is primal noise for misfits, bearded bikers, maniacs, perverts, decibel-freaks, machos, honest democrats, Jews, frustrated adolescents, maltreated stamp-collectors, transsexual preachers, trailer park trash, surgeons, postmen, Rastafarians, punks, hillbillies, Peruvians, factory workers, math teachers, mayors, Japanese, Okies, spacecake-munching Dutchies, long-haired scum, glue-sniffing teenagers, pitiable cousins who got stood up, Hispanic gangs, tattooed criminals, and other assorted people who like their rock ‘n’ roll exciting, warted and in your face. Bad-ass titles with bad-ass songs to back them up. Classic.


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